Silver City Football Officials Association

NEXT MEETING: June 25, 2024, 7 p.m., Taunton HS

Now proudly serving the Hockomock League

Congratulations to the SCFOA members assigned to the 2023 Division 7 Super Bowl!

Dan Dearden (HL), Matt Carr (LJ), Jim Jenkins (FJ), Randy Braga (BJ)

Congratulations to the full 7-man crew of SCFOA members assigned to the 2023 Division 1 State Semi-Final at Brockton High School!

L to R: Sam Hein (SJ), Jay Roberge (BJ), Jim Jenkins (HL), Mike Byron (R), Scott Ashworth (U), Cam Crawford (FJ), Matt Carr (LJ)

UPDATE: The board has made decisions regarding the use of official-to-official communication systems (O2Os) for the 2023 season. All SCFOA members who will be working on crews for Joe Cacciatore will be required to use O2Os during those games. O2Os are highly recommended for Mayflower League games, and Referee will have final say over whether or not to use them for a Mayflower League game. Use the buttons below to purchase your O2O from either Amazon or Ump-Attire (sold in packs of two, feel free to split cost with another official).